Q: Who should use BizGear?

Everyone! Of course, you’d expect us to say that. But, in fact, BizGear is perfect for everyone who wants to–or needs to–understand business, finance, and accounting fundamentals, create and use financial statements, and/or prepare business plan financials.

In particular, Business School faculty and administrators will want to use BizGear in their courses and programs. BizGear can be used in — and throughout — a number of business school courses and disciplines and at different levels. What do we particularly recommend? In undergraduate foundational courses, BizGear can be used in accounting, finance, management, marketing, human resources, and health care management courses. In upper division and Graduate programs, BizGear is perfect for capstone, entrepreneurship, project management, business strategy, and new venture creation courses and programs.

Startups and growing businesses, you’ll want to check out BizGear too. It makes planning the growth of your business, especially the financial aspects, crystal clear and helps you understand the financial implications of all your business decisions. And, of course, it also makes producing professional financial statements — Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet — faster and oh-so-much easier process.

Q: How does BizGear Work?

Step-by-step. One question at a time. BizGear breaks down all the things you need to think about in creating business financials and then, in clear, straightforward language, BizGear guides you (or your student) through every source of income and every type of expense your business will encounter.

As you go along, BizGear builds your financial projections and statements based on the answers to your questions. You’ll have a chance to edit your numbers too, enabling you to account for seasonal variations in income and expenses or other special circumstances.

Q: What does BizGear produce?

Great looking, professional financial statements. You answer the questions, edit any numbers you want, and BizGear will produce the three most important financial statements: Income Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet. You’ll also have detailed financial statements of every source of income and expense. And wait — there’s more. You can have those for three or five years, in month, quarter, or annual views. And they’ll be investor-ready, lender-ready, professor-ready, and absolutely lovely!

Q: How is BizGear different?

Oh, let us count the ways…

  1. BizGear is clear, straightforward. Even if you know nothing about business before you use BizGear, by the time you’ve worked through it, you’re going to have a solid grasp of business fundamentals, business finance, and accounting concepts.
  2. BizGear is up-to-date. We’ve got the stuff today’s businesses and startups need to consider, including crowdfunding and detailed social media planning.
  3. BizGear is based in the real world. A student or entrepreneur using BizGear is being equipped to deal with the realities of today’s business life. This isn’t just theoretical.
  4. BizGear is empowering and confidence-building. Even those intimidated by math or spreadsheets can learn how to create and comprehend detailed financial projections and statements.
  5. BizGear was designed with academic use in mind. BizGear focuses on enabling users to really learn and understand the fundamentals of business, not just spit out statements or a business plan without really learning.
  6. BizGear contains extensive, outstanding content.
  7. BizGear is beautiful. Hey, looks matter…
  8. And there’s so much more.

Q: Can I use BizGear without a textbook? With a textbook?

Yes. And yes. BizGear’s thorough “Guide” pages, full glossary, information buttons and more mean you could use BizGear as a stand-alone course resource, without the need for an extra textbook. But BizGear also is a great companion to be used with current course textbooks. Whatever you prefer. Whatever you need.

Q: How can I get BizGear? Or find out how to use BizGear in my courses?

We’d love to connect. Contact BizGear at info@bizgear.biz or 650-364-9120.