BizGear was developed from the ground up with the needs of the academic community in mind and with the input of business school faculty and administrators. BizGear is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, interactive learning tool enabling students to master business, finance, and accounting fundamentals.

BizGear is:

  • Modular – easy to grade individual assignments
  • Real-world – creates professional, standard financial statements
  • Learner-centered – step-by-step instruction with help at every step
  • Individualized – students learn at their own pace
  • Adaptive – immediate feedback and real-time results
  • Straightforward – easy to use and to assess student progress
  • Backed by two decades of experience focused on business financial fundamentals

Containing substantial, quality educational content, you can use BizGear in conjunction with existing course materials or as a built-in “textbook.” Thorough “Guide” pages, glossary, resources, examples, all make learning and teaching easier.

Real-world business learning for real-world students

If your students struggle with spreadsheets or math, you’ll love BizGear

Our innovative “Concepts Before Spreadsheets” approach enables students to master business, financial, and accounting fundamentals without first having to excel at Excel or to calculate calculus. Instead of getting hung up on cells and formulas, they master business concepts, achieve financial literacy and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

BizGear fits with many courses and is especially good for the following:

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